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Spinal fracture

Spinal fracture is a severe injury. Damage of vertebrae is often combined with destruction of other structures – muscles, vessels, nerves, spinal cord. It threatens the patient’s life.

In most cases vertebrae are damaged in healthy people, when falling on place or from height, direct kicks. But at osteoporosis (decrease of bones density) even a minimum impact leads to damage of vertebrae.

Symptoms of spinal fracture depend on its locating. There is a sharp pain which aggravates at movements, visible deformation of spine column. Soft tissues are hydropic, damages of skin are often noticeable, sometimes there is bleeding.

The main problem at spinal fracture is injury of spinal cord. Its injuries have a character of concussions, crushes, complete transversal separation. They are always followed by sensitive and motive disturbances – partial or complete (paralysis). The higher injury level of spinal cord the more disorders are dangerous. Fracture in lower thoracic department leads to paralysis of feet, and fracture of the upper thoracic will paralyze also body muscles. Cervical injuries cause a full immovability and impossibility of respiration because of phrenoplegia.

The crucial role is played by the first aid. Life of the patient and his convalescence depends on timeliness and literacy of its rendering. Incorrectly given help aggravates the state.

It is necessary to lay and transport the injured person correctly – only on rigid stretcher, lying on back. Shifting of the patient is carried out by group of three people. It is forbidden to pull the patient’s extremities, allow him to move. It is prohibited to carry out unassisted reset of broken vertebrae.