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Backbone cancer

Backbone cancer proceeds extremely hard. There is a lot of causes of backbone cancer development: metabolic disturbances, viral infections, radiation, entering of substances carcinogens with nutrition and air, weakness of immune system which does not destroy pathological cells, spine injuries leading to disturbances of local blood supply.

Among local symptoms of backbone cancer the first place belongs to pain. When the cancer tumor invades nervous fibers, there is an intensive pain syndrome.

Also the shape of backbone is broken. Tumor is often palpated in the form of dense growth, and its growth leads to destruction of vertebrae, formation of disk hernias.

At lesion of spinal cord there are neurologic symptoms. Full or partial disturbances of sensitivity and movements develop. The higher is tumor locating, the more extensive is lesion zone.

Work of internals is broken. Disorder of innervation leads to disturbance of respiration, heart and digestive organs. Malnutrition, abrupt weakness develops in the patient.

It is possible to suspect backbone tumor with first symptoms, such as: not sharp pain, restraint of movements, and numbness of extremities. Often these symptoms are taken for radiculitis, osteochondrosis, as a result cancer is treated incorrectly and it progresses.

For cancer therapy only methods of modern scientific medicine are effective. The main of them is radical surgery. An important point at treatment is anesthesia. Pain may be so severe that narcotics – promedol, morphine are prescribed.

If to carry out a proper treatment opportunely, it is possible to achieve convalescence, vocational rehabilitation.