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Radiculitis is an inflammatory process in spinal nerves roots. Inherently radiculitis is compression of nervous fibers in backbone openings. Primary radiculitis develops at lesion of nerves tissue with viral infection. The virus with a blood extends, gets into nervous roots. A typical example: shingles at which pain is followed by dermal rashes.

The secondary radiculitis develops at pathological changes of a backbone, such as osteochondrosis. It doesn’t cause an inflammation, but complications of osteochondrosis cause a radiculitis.

The radiculitis happens lumbar, sacral, cervical, and thoracic. Most often the lumbar radiculitis meets, the radiculitis of a neck is more rare, and thoracic – seldom or never.

The radiculitis proceeds acutely or chronically. The main symptom of this pathology is pain. It at a radiculitis depends on localization. In a loin there can be a feeling of “lumbago”. Usually pain arises in a limited place, it is not acute, aching in the beginning. Further pain amplifies, becomes intensive, burning, extends along nervous roots.

There are disturbances of movements, sensitivities. The animal force of extremities, volume of movements decreases. Muscles of a loin and feet are strained, a gait is broken. At the started uncured radiculitis the atrophy of muscles, a skin thinning, lack of hair, development of trophic ulcers becomes perceptible.

Treatment of a radiculitis includes medicines, physiotherapy exercises, massage, and physiotherapeutic procedures. Drug treatment is symptomatic, its purpose to eliminate pain and an inflammation. Injections and ointments which contain anesthetizing and anti-inflammatory agents are used.