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Scoliosis is a curvature of spine column sideways. Normally there are flexures forward and backwards, the lateral flexure of backbone appears only at pathology. It is cosmetic defect and a serious problem for health. At rachiocampsis internals suffer. In men exercise stresses tolerance decreases; women have problems with carrying of a pregnancy, child-bearing.

Scoliosis may be congenital and acquired. Many diseases – osteoporosis at rachitis, calcium deficiency in nutrition, osteomyelitis, dystrophic changes of musculation, spine injury, tubercular damages of vertebrae, backbone tumors are the causes of the acquired form.

The larger group of scoliosis causes is not connected with backbone. These are injuries of pelvis and feet, constant wrong posture in children, illnesses of internals with asymmetrical localization of pain, myosites, burns and cicatrix of soft tissues.

Scoliosis may be cervical, thoracic, and lumbar. Distinguish C-like scoliosis with one arch, S-like with two arches and Z-like with three arches. Existence of many arches has compensatory character. Scoliosis are subdivided on compensated and non-compensated, stable (decrease in lying position) and unstable.

Treatment of scoliosis is carried out conservatively and promptly. Conservative methods include drug treatment, physiotherapeutic procedures, massage, and manual therapy. They are effective for patients till twenty years old when formation of backbone is still proceeding. The good result is reached with correcting by of position – the best pose promoting normalization of a posture is found.