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Osteochondrosis is a degeneration and dysgraphia of joint cartilage. Most often osteochondrosis affects backbone. Between vertebrae elastic laying – intervertebral disks are located. They amortize and protect bodies of vertebrae from early wear. The liquid jelly-like core of the disk is surrounded with dense ring of connecting tissue.

A huge load falls on the disk; it is persistently damaged at the cellular level. In “orthograde” person these processes are much expressed. Not be destroyed completely, the disk has to be persistently restored. Balance of processes causes a normal structure of intervertebral disk. Therefore intervertebral disks are easily vulnerable. Under pressure of overlying vertebrae they slide in various directions, more often sideways and backwards. It is called a disk hernia.

Bone tissue of vertebrae, having lost cartilaginous laying is also exposed to mechanical wear. Because of permanent injuries osteal growths – osteophytes – on front surface of vertebrae are formed.

Lumbosacral department of backbone is affected more often; a large load falls on it.

Pain is a main symptom of osteochondrosis. It differs in variety and requires separate treating.

At treatment of osteochondrosis at first it is necessary to carry out anesthesia and remove the inflammation. Use tablets, ointments and injections.

Cartilage protectors help to improve metabolism in cartilages. Calcium drugs are used.

Having achieved remission physiotherapeutic procedures, physiotherapy exercises, and massage are prescribed to the patient.