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Backbone Spondylolisthesis

Spondylolisthesis is pathology of spine column, displacement of overlying vertebra body in relation to underlying. The lumen of the vertebral channel is narrowed; roots of spinal nerves are injured.

Congenital anomalies of backbone or the acquired defects become the cause. The disease often arises in professional athletes who excessively bend the backbone. The spondylolisthesis can develop in elderly people or patients with inflammatory diseases of backbone joints. The spondylolisthesis is also caused by a direct injury of a spine column.

Symptoms of a spondylolisthesis depend on department of a backbone where it arose. At a cervical spondylolisthesis there is a neck pain, with extension to arms and an upper back. Headaches and attacks of giddiness which aggravate at exercise stress are frequent. The spondylolisthesis of lumbar department is more often than other forms, it is shown by poorly expressed pain in the bottom of the back which abruptly aggravates at the attempt to do the exercises on backbone stretching. Flexibility of back is limited.

On initial stages spondylolisthesis of backbone is treated conservatively. A short course of anti-inflammatory medicines which helps to abirritate pain and unpleasant symptoms quickly is prescribed. Muscle relaxant is prescribed In the presence of expressed under observation of the doctor.

Physiotherapeutic treatment eliminates signs of nerves inflammation, stimulates back muscles. At spondylolisthesis gymnastic exercises are also prescribed. Their purpose is a development of back muscles which will be able to support the changed vertebrae. Exercises are selected individually, excluding capable to provoke stretching of tissues of spine column.