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Spinal Stenosis

Stenosis is a pathological narrowing of spinal channel usually because of aging and dystrophic changes in a backbone. Traumas and wear of spine column lead to protruding of intervertebral disks. Ligaments are thickened, intervertebral joints extend. Pathological changes press on brain, roots of nerves. The stenosis develops most often in lumbar department, causes an onychalgia and pain in loin, causing lameness. People after 60 years old usually suffer from it.

Sometimes the insignificant tilt forward takes out a pain syndrome. The spinal channel thus extends, improves blood supply of nervous structures.

Characteristic symptoms of narrowing of the spinal cord channel is heaviness in feet, feeling of pain and weakness during walking or even at long standing, the local dorsodynia and feet which are often passing after short rest.

There is a set of methods of stenosis treatment. Rather simple manipulations can help like a correct alternation of exercise stresses and rest. Performance of special exercises complex is useful. Anesthetics liquidate a pain syndrome; however they don’t stop development of the disease.

For improvement of a cartilages supply cartilage protectors are prescribed. They slow down and prevent destruction of cartilage, reduce arthrosis symptoms.

Surgical treatment is applied at weakness in feet, insufferable back pain, pains at walking, constipations or problems with emiction.