Spinal Pain At Pregnancy

Spinal pain at pregnancy occur very often and in absence of serious pathologies, probably is considered as a norm. Emergence of pain is connected to different changes in woman organism due to childbearing and increased load on spin. We will survey the main reasons for similar pains at pregnancy.

  1. During last trimester of pregnancy women there is sometimes a back pain shooting to loin or feet. It can be caused by descent of kidneys. When developing similar pains it is necessary immediately ask for a medical care.

The cause of constant spinal pains can be a divergence of pelvic bones displacement in preparation of organism for childbirth. This process begins gradually approximately from the second trimester of pregnancy and comes to an end somewhere in 4-5 months after childbirth. Besides, hormonal changes in organism of pregnant woman cause weakening of ligaments including pelvic. Sacroiliac joints of pelvic become mobile this causes spinal pains.

  1. Spinal pain can be explained with transversal location of fetus in mother’s womb.

  1. And at last, spinal pain can be a harbinger or the satellite of labor pains. It is explained by increasing of pressure made by child upon uterine cervix and its muscles movement. This pain arises, as a rule in the bottom of a stomach and simply irradiates in back area.