Backache At Osteochondrosis

There is a lot of reasons of osteochondrosisnerve root irritation at disk herniation, excessive lumbar-spine mobility, joints lesion natural orifices narrowing or tophus elderly people usually suffer from. All these problems are shown by backache causing to the patient significant inconveniences, limiting working capacity.

Acute osteochondrosis arises suddenly at the “wrong” movement, at load lifting. Usually it can be in a loin, rarely in cervical.

Pain is not local with darting pains to foot or arm. The cause of pain is a mechanical nerve root irritation, inflammation, the autoimmune response of human body. All factors usually work simultaneously.

In one or two weeks pain passes in uncomplicated cases. The patient has to avoid exercise stresses. Anti-inflammatory drugs, relaxants (medicines for relaxing muscles) are prescribed. If in two weeks pain is not removed, it is recommended to carry out MRT with definition of mechanical damage. If hernia blocks the spinal channel more than on one third, the surgery is necessary.

Chronic pain at osteochondrosis more often happens to employees of offices, in thoracic spine, seldom in lumbar or cervical part of spine. Because of muscles weakening back muscles the load is enlarged in intervertebral disks, and they subside. Most of all the spin joints suffer from loads, the spondylarthrosis develops in them.  This pathological state is treated by physiotherapy exercises, massage and manual therapy, and special cartilage protectors.