Lumbago (shooting pains)

Lumbago is known to people for the sharp pain as if shooting a back since olden times. He cannot straighten himself up, remains in the compelled incurvated posture. It stiffens in posture in which he was found by pain. Pain can extend to breeches, hips, the patient cannot choose painless posture, it is difficult for him to stand and to go.

It is possible to reduce pain to certain extent without assistance. It is necessary to lay down on a rigid bed on back or to put a mattress on the floor. It is desirable that feet were raised and bowed in knees and hips. They can be put on pillows or blankets. Having bent knees, the patient can relax larger muscles in his backbone.

At absence of treatment pain remains from several days to three weeks, a chronic pain syndrome which is difficult to treat is sometimes develops in future.

Lumbago is met in people of any age, but is unusual to children. Mechanical changes in intervertebral disks, muscles, joints, ligaments, nervous fibers can be the cause. Body extensions with its turning as if cleaning snow is a large load on backbone bottom. It is difficult to define, what tissues are damaged; doctor and patient can only find often the most painful point and establish that the slightest movement causes pain in it.

For treatment of lumbago acupuncture is effective.

In the first few days treatments the confinement to bed is recommended. It is better to lie on back, having slightly raised feet and having put them on an eminence. The bent feet allow relaxing back muscles. Analgesic and anti-inflammatory drugs remove pain.