Lordosis is an excessive rachiocampsis in lumbar department exceeding physiological norm. Osteochondrosis, damage and a dysgraphia of vertebrae bone tissue, vertebrae dislocation as sliding, disk hernias, injuries of loin muscles, vertebrae fractures become the causes of lordosis. Emergence of lordosis is promoted with osteoporosis owing to disturbance of calcium exchange, vertebrae tuberculosis, and tumors in backbone, myopathy and myositis.

So-called secondary lordoses originate not from a backbone. They develop at diseases of hip joints or platy podia and for this reason the center of gravity moves.

In children lordosis is a consequence of birth trauma, rachitis, and rapid growth of backbone at weakness of back muscles.

Increase of lumbar flexure becomes perceptible on late durations of gestation. After successful labors everything comes back to norm.

At lordosis the patient’s posture changes. Protruding belly and breeches, head is bended forward, hollow breast. Deformation of backbone leads to osteochondrosis, disk hernias.

Subjectively lordosis is followed with back pains – pulling, aching. In some time pains become more intensive, the volume of movement decreases, sensitivity in feet worsens, walking causes trouble. Hip and knee joints suffer, there is an arthrosis. Deformation of backbone leads to increasing of intra-abdominal pressure and digestive disorders, in women – to disturbances of a menstrual cycle, infertility.

Anti-inflammation, anesthetizing cartilage protectors are used. The remedial gymnastics strengthen muscles and ligaments, fix the bent backbone. Exercises are supplemented with massage.