Ischias is a lumbosacral radiculitis with an inflammation of sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve begins from an iliosacral joint, from cluneal area goes down a femur.

Ischias develops as a complication of backbone diseases. Complications of osteochondrosis  hernia of intervertebral disks, growth of osteal tissues (osteophytes) are the most frequent causes, which lead to infringement and inflammation of nerves roots.

The main symptom of ischias is ischialgia, pain along sciatic nerve. It begins in loin, passes to breech, femur, back surface of shin, and foot sole. Pain is paroxysmal, character burning, pricking, and shooting. Its emergence is connected to provocative factors – exercise stresses, frigorism, sharp movements, stresses, intestinal constipations.

Sensitivity is broken. The patient has feeling of numbness, burning sensation, pricking, crawling of goose bumps. The movements of feet are limited.

Pain increases at tension – bending of head and neck, at lifting the bended knees.

In the absence of treatment there is a persistent lameness, a muscular atrophy.

Pain and inflammation is released with anti-inflammation medicines. These are tablets, injections and ointments. Local blockade with anesthetics give fast but short-term effect.

Physiotherapeutic procedures and physiotherapy sometimes wearing of a special corset is prescribed. Massage strengthens the affected muscles and liquidates developments of stagnation. The line of backbone should not be pressed. But at manual therapy such action is carried out, intervertebral intervals extend, the restrained nerves are released.