Hydronephrosis is a kidney disease, one of implications is pain in back. Pain is localized in a loin, has a blunt aching character, and periodically becomes aggravated, giving attacks of renal colic.

At hydronephrosis the cavitary system of kidney extends because of disturbance of urine outflow from renal pelvis. Pathological narrowing and disturbances of development, anomaly of an ureters ramification, bands of connecting tissue, adhesions because of inflammation round ureter, its bending, an urolithiasis, nephroptosis may complicate outflow.

In patients with hydronephrosis a tumor behind in hypochondria is palpated (renomegaly). There is blood in urine and opacity in case purulent inflammation is found. The patient suffers from malaise, quickly gets tired, sleeps badly, and cannot work. At bilateral hydronephrosis the chronic renal failure develops. Symptoms change in some time, can be combined, alternate and supplemented, grow, weaken and disappear. Ultrasonic research of kidneys helps to establish the diagnosis. They are enlarged, pelvises are expanded.

Hydronephrosis should be treated promptly. Now it is not necessary to do a big incision, correction of renal pelvis is carried out through endoscope entered through a puncture in a wall of a stomach or from back behind abdomen. It is important to restore permeability of ureter. Its narrowed sites are deleted, if necessary form new anastomosis from kidney pelvis. At severe hydronephrosis and parish of significant part of kidney tissue it is deleted.