Diet At Nephrolithiasis

At nephrolithiasis the patient obligatory needs a prescription of a diet. Its character depends on structure of the stones causing suffering to the patient. If it is impossible to investigate large stones, urine practically always contains fine grains of sand, and its chemical composition tells much.

If in renal calculus urates are found (salts of urinary acid, usually calcium), it is necessary to limit it in nutrition from which urinary acid is formed in a human body. It will give the chance to avoid attacks of renal colic. It is recommended to reduce meat and fat products quantity (veal, liver, kidneys, and brains), calves of any fishes.

Patients with oxalic structure of stones in kidneys (containing salts of oxalic acid) should to refuse completely the use of spinach, cabbage, garden radish, sorrel, all species of bean plants. Other vegetables and fruit on the contrary, is better to use in a big quantity.

To patients with nephroliths mostly consisting of phosphates the diet with good nutrition and restriction of products containing a lot of calcium is recommended. But it is necessary to use more products with alkaline reaction. Fruit, vegetable and milk courses, smoked products, salty fish, potatoes, meat fats should be excluded from ration. It is recommended to drink a glass of hips broth before going to bed.

All renal patients should exclude from their ration marinades, pickles, spices, smoked products, mayonnaise. Caloric content of products should not be high.