Back Pain – Common Problem

Currently, the back pain is a common problem. According to various clinics in the U.S., about 80% of all Americans in their lives face the problem of back pain. Back pain is so unpleasant that often does not allow to perform their daily tasks, such as going to work.
Although back pain seems to be a serious problem, delivering serious inconvenience, usually the problem is not so serious.
This problem can affect people of any age, but it is much more common among adults aged 35 to 55 years. Experts say that back pain may be associated with the bones, muscles or ligaments.
Pain in the lower back is usually associated with lumbar spine when there is a shift of the intervertebral discs, due to violation of the proper functioning of the ligaments. In this case, a jamming occurs spinal nerves.
Pain in the upper back is caused by other reasons – aortic disorders, tumors in the breast and high inflammation of the spine.
Lower back – it is an easy structure:
- Tendons and muscles;
- Soft tissue;
- Highly sensitive nerves and nerve roots;
- Small and complex joints;
- Intervertebral discs.
Damage or loss of normal functioning of any of the title element can lead to back pain, which is reflected in the surrounding parts of the body. Therefore we should not ignore the long and sharp pains, as there is a danger that they will become chronic. But should not be confused with the usual problems overexertion of muscles during heavy physical work. Therefore, correct diagnosis – the first step towards proper and effective treatment.